Day 1 , May 24th

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    Mocha Mingles Welcome Parties

    08:00 PM

    Come and meet all the sexy people you will be partying with all weekend long at our Exclusive Mocha Mingles welcome party. Enjoy great music, collect your complimentary drinks and Hors d'oeuvres while you warm up for what’s about to go down over the next 4 days.

Day 2 , May 25th

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    Mocha Diamonds, Live Concert

    03:00 PM

    Mocha Diamonds will be our live concert. This event will feature top international DJ’s plus our guest surprise artist that we will be announcing in a few months.

Day 3 , May 26th

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    Mocha Gras

    10:00 PM

    Experience Mardi Gras on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica. We will crash the hottest bars on the beach, flash boobs and encourage everyone else we pass to join and do the same.

Day 4 , May 27th

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    Mocha Whet All White Party

    04:00 PM

    Experience our all white water and foam party hosted at an exclusive waterpark location. Come prepared to get soaking wet, wild and act crazy.

Day 5 , May 28th

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    Fantasy Island

    11:00 AM

    Fantasy Island is our beach party and barbeque event. We will be taking over a private beach location from Midday until late afternoon, where you will get to enjoy the craziest beach games, alcohol and barbeque.

Starting At: $50.00


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