Mocha Fest is hosted twice annually. Our Jamaica event happens every year over the American Memorial Day Long Weekend and our recently launched Mocha Fest Cancun happens over the Columbus Day holiday in the month of October.

No. However, when you book your hotel package through the Mocha Fest website, you save as much as $120 on the cost of your party pass price.

For Mocha Fest Jamaica, you can purchase a party pass to attend any one of our 7 Super parties regardless of where you have your hotel booked. However, we do recommend booking your hotel through us, as you get to stay at one of our host resorts, and this gives you access to after-parties, activities and other perks only available to those staying at the hotels listed on our website. For Mocha Fest Cancun, you MUST be staying at the listed resort to attend our parties.

If you book our hotel packages, we do have minimum stay requirements. Mocha Fest events run for 5 days, and we require a 4-day minimum to purchase a hotel package with us (Hotel dependent). For the Jamaica event, if you are a party pass holder, you can show up and leave whenever you choose. For Mocha Fest Cancun, your hotel per night cost may change if you choose to do less than the 5 nights.

Mocha Fest is a 21 and older event. This is a strict policy so if you are younger than 21, please do not purchase a package on our website as you will not be able to redeem your party package at the event.

Mocha Fest is most definitely an event for both couples and singles. 45% of the people that attend Mocha Fest are couples, 35% Single Females and 30% single males.

Mocha Fest patriots range from ages 25 - 45 on average, with most being in their 30s.

If you live in any other country other than our host destinations, we recommend getting a passport for all international travel.

The music, entertainers, and activities at Moca Fest are all based around Hip Hop and Caribbean Music culture. Our entertainment packages include a combination of beach parties, themed club parties, concerts beach, and pool games, tropical excursions and culinary experiences.

Only some of Mocha Fest parties are made available to the public for individual ticket purchase. Those parties will get listed with the individual ticket prices within 30 days of the event. The best value and to ensure you have access to all Mocha Fest parties is by purchasing the all-inclusive party pass.