When you have been to one urban event, you have pretty much been to all of them until you get to Experience Mocha Fest. This five-day Memorial Day Weekend Party hosted in Negril Jamaica every year is by far the most unique and life-changing party environment you will ever get to experience. There is no other event that allows you to let loose and fully be yourself the way you can at Mocha Fest. This is why more than 80% of the people that attend Mocha Fest return for a second, third and a fourth year!!

  • Mocha Fest Jamaica ...

    What happens at Mocha Fest; Can only happen at Mocha Fest. Thousands showed up to Negril, Jamaica for the 2018 hosting of Mocha Fest, and together we created one of the most memorable parties and vacation experiences you can find anywhere in the world.

  • Party Pass Only

    Is Mocha Fest For Couples Or Singles? Mocha Fest has almost the same number of couples as it has singles. 40% of the Mocha Fest crowd are couples, 35% single females and 20% males.

  • Mocha Fest Cancun

    MOCHA FEST CANCUN Due to the rapid growth of our Memorial Day Weekend event and an overwhelming number of requests for more dates, we have decided to launch Mocha Fest Cancun.

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