Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct & Guidelines
Judgment FREE ZONE: Mocha fest is an environment that allows people to let loose, however, that also means respecting others. We do not tolerate disrespect, discrimination, violence, sexual harassment of any kind. Those who do not obey our guidelines will be removed immediately and banned from all parties now and in future. Each Party has security on hand.

You must be wearing your party wristbands at all times to be allowed access to the parties. Damaged, lost or removal of wristbands may result in you being denied access to the parties.

Have fun, but please drink and act responsibly. Our bartenders are under very strict instructions to discontinue the serving of alcohol to any Mocha Fest guest that seems to be too intoxicated or acting inappropriately.

No outside alcohol will be permitted into any party venue.

No UN-AUTHORIZED professional cameras will be allowed into party venues.

We reserve to right to search any person entering a Mocha Fest party, this includes, security scan, emptying or search of pockets, handbags or any container being brought into the venue.
No weapons or drugs allowed in any party.

Must Be 18 years and older to Drink!
ID Required