Planning a trip with the girls? Mocha Fest is here to make your Girls Trip experience, easier, more fun and very affordable. Whatever the occasion is, celebrate it at any Mocha Fest Event, and we will help you design a personalised experience inside what is already an epic event. From private parties with dancers to complimentary passes and group discounts, there are many incredible incentives for hosting your group at Mocha Fest.

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You have one final opportunity to be all the way lit for a few days with your girls before you tie the knot forever. What better place to do this than at the wildest urban festival in the world. Celebrate your Bachelorette at Mocha Fest and make memories that will last a lifetime.


It’s your birthday and you should do whatever the hell you want to. Bring your most lit friends and come enjoy the birthday experience of a lifetime. Celebrate you birthday with us at Mocha Fest and I promise it won’t just be epic, it will be life changing.


Our Girls Trip packages are not just for “Bride-to-bes” and Birthday Girls. Whatever the occasion is, a reunion, a divorce an annual trip with the squad or just celebrating life and all its freedoms, celebrate it at Mocha Fest and it will be more memorable than you can ever imagine.

What's Included

  • Private Party with DJ
  • Dancers (Any Gender)
  • Champagne
  • Cocktail Bar With Server
  • Free Party Pass For Bride Or Birthday Girl
  • Cake
  • Free Group Website & Online Invitation


Please note that our Girls Trip package incentives are reserved for groups of ten or more