Preparing For Mocha Fest Jamaica 2018. Everything You Need To Know

Apr 25th, 2018

We are less than 30 days away from Mocha Fest Jamaica, and we could not be any more excited about hosting you all on this beautiful island and showing you the best time of your lives. We have a jam-packed itinerary planned for you, so make sure you sleep lots and take your vitamins before the trip because we promise you will be exhausted and completely wiped by the time Mocha Fest is over. We will have a printed itinerary for you once you arrive in Jamaica. However, we are providing you with some information and tips below to answer some of your questions and to help you better prepare for this dream vacation experience.

Arrival And Airport Transfers

If you purchased your hotel package with us, and you paid for the airport shuttle add-on, then we will be handling the arrangement of your shuttle service to and from the Montego Bay International Airport. If you have not yet done so, we will need your confirmed airline ticket with arrival and departure times to set-up transfers. The transfer company we will be using is Sun Holiday Tours, and they are located at Desk #5 immediately as you exit customs. Your names will be at the desk. If for any reason, your name is not there, please show your purchase receipt (Booking Confirmation), and they will put you on a shuttle to your hotel.

Welcome Party & Ticket Redemption

The Mocha Mingles welcome party on Thursday night is the most important event of Mocha Fest 2018. This will be the first opportunity for you to meet all the other Mocha Fest attendees that are staying somewhere else other than your resort. You will have a rare opportunity to meet and talk to all the organizers and staff for the event, have all your questions answered before the real party starts, but most importantly, this is where you will collect your wristbands, that will give you unlimited entry and re-entry into all the parties, access to shuttle, alcohol, and food at the parties. NO WRISTBAND, NO PARTY! The shuttle will start pick-up for Mocha Mingles at 8:00 pm on Thursday night, with final pickup time at 9:00 pm. For those that are unable to make it for the Thursday Night welcome party, we will have a designated ticket redemption center located at Wavz Beach, right on the 7-mile beach strip from 10 am to 5 pm Daily. We will also allow the exchange of purchase receipts or tickets for wristbands at all our parties' entry gates. NOTE: ID Must be presented at the time of ticket redemption, and must match the name of the primary contact person on the purchase receipt. If you did not add the party pass add-on at the time of booking, please do so now as prices WILL GO UP at the hotel. 

Parties & Dress Codes

There will be 7 major events happening over the 5 days of Mocha Fest 2018 in Jamaica. These events will run from Thursday, May 24th to Tuesday, May 29th. These are the 7 events included in the party pass you purchased.

Thursday, May 24th, 8:00 pm-Midnight- Mocha Mingles

Location: Negril, Escape

Theme: All White welcome party / Ticket Redemption

Attire: Wear all white tropical or semi-formal attire. Sandals or Heels are ok, at this venue.


Friday May 25th, 11:00am - 3:00pm - Fantasy Island

Location: Half Moon Beach (15 mins from any 7mile hotel)

Theme: Bare As You Dare Beach Party

Attire: beachwear, as much or as little as you are comfortable with.


Friday May 25th, 9:00pm - 2:00am - Mocha Diamonds

Location: Wavz Beach Negril (5-10 mins from any hotel)

Theme: Celebrity Party & Concert

Attire: Black & Silver, Bling, Semi-Formal, Sexy (Will be on grass, so ladies wear wedges, not heels. ) This is a standing room only, so be comfortable


Saturday May 26th 4:00pm - 10:00pm - Mocha Gras

Location: Wavz Beach Negril (5-10 mins from any 7mile hotel)

Theme: Beach Masquerade Party

Attire: Beach Wear, Carnival Wear, Beads, Masks, Skimpy ( again ladies, this is on a beach, no heels ) Colors are PURPLE, GREEN AND GOLD/ YELLOW


Sunday May 27th 3:00pm - 9:00pm - Mocha Whet

Location: Wavz Beach Negril

Theme: Water & Foam Party

Attire: Dress to get soaking wet and messy


Monday May  28th 11:00am - 3:00pm - Mocha Memorial Day

Location: Half Moon Beach (15 mins from any 7mile hotel)

Theme: Beach Barbecue & Beach Olympics

Attire: Camouflage, Casual, Beach Wear


Monday May 28th  8:00pm - 3:00am - Mocha Tease

Location: Jungle Night Club (5-10 mins from any hotel)

Theme: Exotic Showcase, Pajama Party,

Attire: Sleep Wear, Lingerie.

Optional Activities (Additional Cost Applies)

Friday, May 25th 10:00 am - Midday - Fantasy Catamaran Cruise ($55 or included in Ballahs Band)

Location: Caribbean Sea

Theme: Wild

Attire: As little or as much as you are comfortable with. The boat will pull up to join the Fantasy Island Party.


Sunday May 27th 10:00am - 2:00pm - Mocha JamWest Adventures ($60-$80 per activity)

Location: Jamwest Adventure Park  (30 mins from any 7mile hotel)

Theme: ATV, Zipline, Mineral Spring, Safari Tour ( all heavily discounted for Mocha Peeps )

Attire: Active Wear, runners

If you have booked an excursion at Jamwest, you will receive confirmation of your activity time(s) when you arrive at the hotel. A shuttle will be provided to take you to and from Jamwest for your scheduled activity time.


Additional Parties & Activities

If you are staying at any of our Primary resorts, Hedonism, Royalton or Riu Negril, you will enjoy the benefit of on property after parties, daily poolside games and activities and general entertainment and hosting by the Mocha Fest staff that will be present on-site at each of those hotels. For party pass holders staying outside of these 3 hotels, we will announce some after party hangouts as we get closer to the start of the event.


Party Shuttle

All party pass holders will be provided with complimentary shuttle service to and from the parties. Shuttles will pick you up at your hotel gate as long as your hotel is located on Norman Manley Blvd also known as the 7-mile Beach Strip.

If you are staying at the cliffs (West End Negril), please make your way to Downtown Negril, and stand at the Burger King to wait on shuttles. Shuttle times will be very STRICT, and the shuttle times for each party will be outlined on the printed version of the itinerary that you will receive when you check-in at your hotel or at Mocha Mingles and the designated redemption center WAVZ.

Shuttles to the party will run for the first 90mins of the party, and shuttles back to the hotel will start 60mins before each party finishes. No venue is more than 15 mins from the hotel, so maximum wait time for a shuttle should not exceed 20 minutes. Our ideal goal is to ensure a maximum of 20min wait time for a shuttle, going to or leaving a party. During the shuttle down hours, if you wish to leave the party for EMERGENCY REASONS, we will have a Standby shuttle to take you back to your hotel. If you desire a Private Taxi, only hire those with a RED license plate. Cost should not be more than $ 5- 8$ US per one direction.


General Tips

  • Bring a pair of water shoes for the beach parties. Way more comfortable than flip flops, especially when they get wet.


  • Ladies we are in Jamaica to party and have fun, which will mean getting wet in the ocean, foam pit or with a fire hose, so if you don’t want your hair to get wet or messy, bring a water cap.
  • We will have beads and masks for everyone at the Mardi Gras party, but for ultimate fun and participation, bring some of your own.


  • Bring a water gun for the Water party, but don’t declare it at customs.


  • By the way, don’t wear camouflage on your way to Jamaica or leaving, they won’t let you through the airport wearing camouflage.


  • We will have bottle service and premium alcohol selections at each party for you to purchase. For your own security, bring CASH, leave your credit cards at your hotel in your safe.


  • If you are celebrating a birthday or something particular, let us know, we would like to do something special for you.


  • Bike taxies will be available outside the venues. We do not endorse the use of the bike taxi’s as there are no helmets. Pls, do so at your own risk.


  • Hats and Sunblock are imperative! Jamaica is HOT, and we will have some parties with midday sun. Also, drink water during the parties. Alcohol and Sun are not friends. You don’t want to get sick. Stay hydrated ;)


Code Of Conduct & Guidelines

  • Judgment FREE ZONE: Mocha fest is an environment that allows people to let loose, however, that also means respecting others. We do not tolerate disrespect, discrimination, violence, sexual harassment of any kind. Those who do not obey our guidelines will be removed immediately and banned from all parties now and in future. Each Party has security on hand.


  • You must be wearing your party wristbands at all times to be allowed access to the parties. Damaged, lost or removal of wristbands may result in you being denied access to the parties.


  • Have fun, but please drink and act responsibly. Our bartenders are under very strict instructions to discontinue the serving of alcohol to any Mocha Fest guest that seems to be too intoxicated or acting inappropriately.


  • No outside alcohol will be permitted into any party venue.


  • No UN-AUTHORIZED professional cameras will be allowed into party venues.
  • We reserve to right to search any person entering a Mocha Fest party, this includes, security scan, emptying or search of pockets, handbags or any container being brought into the venue.
  • No weapons or drugs allowed in any party.

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