Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mocha Fest

Dec 27th, 2017

Is Mocha Fest For Couples Or Singles?
Mocha Fest has almost the same number of couples as it has singles. 40% of the Mocha Fest crowd are couples, 35% single females and 20% males. This means whether you are a couple or a single, you will feel right at home at Mocha Fest.

Will I Have Access To Hedonism If I am Staying At Another Resort?
Mocha Fest guests will only have access to the resort that they are booked for during the time of the event. However, this will not impact your experience as all the Mocha Fest super parties will be held off the resorts, so everyone will be together when it matters most.

If I Already Have My Own Accommodations, how do I get access to the parties?
We encourage everyone to book their full Package with us on, or from one of our authorised resellers. However, if you already have your accommodations, you can purchase an event pass, and that will give you access to all Mocha Fest super parties.

Is There A Payment Plan?
There are payment plans available to help make paying for your Mocha Fest vacation a lot easier. However, the flexibility of that payment plan has everything to do with how early you book. The longer you wait, the less instalment dates you will have and the higher the minimum deposit required.

How Many Events Are There Annually?
There are two annual events. Our original event hosted in Negril Jamaica over the Memorial Day Long Weekend, and we recently launched Mocha Fest Cancun, which will be hosted at Temptation Resort over the Columbus Day holiday weekend. 

What’s The Average Age Of The Mocha Fest Crowd?
The age of the crowd at Mocha Fest ranges from mid-twenties to mid-forties. However, more than 60% of the people are in their thirties.

Is Mocha Fest Just a Black People Event?
Mocha Fest is predominantly an African American crowd, and the style of the entertainment is mostly geared towards that audience. However, we have no restrictions or specifications to what ethnic groups can attend the event. We are open and welcoming to anyone who believes they would enjoy the atmosphere and the entertainment provided at this event.

Who Is Behind Mocha Fest?
Mocha Fest was created 4 years ago and is still being run by destination event experts, VACATIONPARTIES.COM, with the support of a group of promoters and ambassadors from different cities across the United States.

What Can I Expect At Mocha Fest?
Mocha Fest provides a very entertaining, liberal and open-minded party atmosphere. Like most major festivals, we have several parties over the 5 days, with Top DJ’s and entertainers from all over the world. However, the success of this event has been mostly due to the “Judgement-Free” and interactive atmosphere created at this event. Expect to have fun, feel free to be whatever it is that you want to be, and expect to make a lot of amazing friendships at Mocha Fest.

Outside Of The Cost Of The Hotel And Party Pass, What Other Costs Can I Expect?
Most of the hotels we use for Mocha Fest are All-Inclusive Resorts. If the hotel that you purchase is not that, then your invoice will say so, so this means you can expect to pay for food and alcohol at these properties. Your party pass covers you for food and drink once you are at one of our super parties. However, this does not include Premium bottles and bottle service.  Special items such as the Catamaran Cruise and other optional excursions will or may attract additional fees.



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